About Dragon Payment Solutions


DPS (Dragon Payment Systems) can trace its history back 25 years as a subsidiary of a company that provided check and debt recovery services to the retail industry in the Michigan area. As a third party debt collector for a variety of businesses, our staff acquired a vast knowledge base of customer service skills that can easily be applied to businesses whose customer base numbers are1000 or more. Our successful interaction with end user consumers to help them pay their debts and restore their good credit often resulted in a “win” for the consumer and for the client. Most importantly, we learned how to retain our client’s customers by acting as a responsible mediator with proper and consistent communication between the consumer and our client....

As the business world evolved, and the needs for back office support systems grew, DPS positioned itself to better focus on supporting our clients with the increasingly complex technical, risk assessment and back office administrative needs.

Today DPS has redefined its strategy, with the key goal of providing a “ready
 workforce” of people experienced in the various aspects of helping small to medium sized businesses better manage revenues and enhance cash flow. This “ready workforce” is fully capable of assisting companies virtually through the web providing you with specialized support that will work in your existing systems.

DPS Staff

  • Daire Rendon: CEO/President
  • Chrissy Corliss: Operations Manager
  • Penny Richardson: Operations Supervisor