Dragon Payment Solutions


You and your in-house personnel make the sales and run the front end of your business. You need to be available for your customers when they have a concern or a question, in order to keep them as a satisfied customer in the longterm. As your customer base grows, sometimes your capacity to keep up is stretched too thin, leaving your customers with the impression that customer service is no longer a priority. You don’t want to lose a good customer, but you don’t have the time or resources to hire and train new people. We can help. DPS outsourced staff can fill in the back office details with a product offering of necessary office and customer service tasks that you can choose from to support your particular industry needs.

Virtual Staff Calling Services

Customer Service Calls These are usually inbound calls from your customers inquiring about your services, possible upgrades, scheduled appointments, and payment schedules. Your response to their concerns promotes customer satisfaction and often new referrals for your business.

New Account Welcome Calls You’ve worked hard and are growing your business. Your new acquisition will add 2000 new accounts to your rapidly expanding customer list. A personal, welcoming call to your new customer list ensures that they will remain dedicated to you when their existing contracts expire.

Special Call Projects Are there any upcoming changes in your industry that will require mass notification to your customers? Are your customers happy with the current product offering you have available? Could you save more money by getting your customers on an auto-debit program? All of these types of customer contacts take too much of your valuable time and are projects that DPS virtual staff handles in a professional and courteous manner.

Collection Calls These are the hard-core collections from customers you no longer do business with, but who still may owe you money. DPS has a variety of solutions to choose from.

Pre-collection Calls Even good customers may have fallen into a pattern of being chronically late getting their payments in on time. DPS can help erratic cash flow with a personal “friendly reminder” consistently delivered during the hours your customer is available. We have found that auto-dialers and pre-recorded messages are not as successful in reaching the technology savvy customers that businesses have today.

Sales Lead Generation Calls These are call campaigns to your existing customers for “upselling” your new products that they may not be familiar with. We also offer basic telemarketing calls to targeted customer lists that you provide.

Back Office Support

Data Input: Accurate and timely input of your data into your software is critical to the management of your business and customer contracts.

Process Payments Customer payments need to be properly applied and deposited to your business account as soon as they are received. DPS offers several ways to assist you in this important business function.

Mail Returns As postal costs continue to rise, it’s even more critical to make sure your mail is being delivered to your customer on time, so you can be paid on time. Even a few mail returns can be problematic for cash flow, particularly if you are a small company. For a large company, staying current with mail changes and mail returns is critical and shows your customers you care.

Document Scanning: More and more businesses are moving away from paper filing systems and need to add personnel just to keep up with converting documents into digital files.

Payment Processes If your company is not yet utilizing a web payment portal, remote deposit, or autodebit features, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to:

  • Lockbox
  • Back Office Conversion

Business Support Services These basic services determine how successful your company is in keeping track of revenues and revenue management. DPS works closely with companies who provide you expertise in:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Credit Card
  • Phone Card
  • Invoice Print & Mail

Services We Perform:

  • Data Input
  • Address / Phone / Email Updates
  • Customer Service Calls
  • Special Call Projects
  • Accounts Receivable Calls
  • New Customer Welcome Calls
  • Collections Calls
  • Payment Processing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Pre-Collection Calls
  • Lockbox Processing